Obama’s Syrian Moves Deserve More Respect Than They’re Getting

Arguably, this could be a real achievement for the administration, even if it was not planned. If it can be achieved that the consequence of Obama’s way of thoughtfully navigating this thing has had the unanticipated consequence of leading peaceful to the destruction of Syria’s supply of chemical weapons, that would be a better outcome than we’ve had with most of our forays into geo-politically important areas with our military or threat thereof. The biggest effect of our long nightmare in Iraq, let’s not forget, has been the strengthening of Iran. But the involvement of the Russians is also used to portray Obama as failing in leadership. So we watch as many of the Republicans get up on their high horses and speak disrespectfully of how Obama’s managed this crisis. After their disasters, one might hope for a bit of humility.
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Obama’s proposed plan for military action in Syria puts pressure on his Democratic ally

Hit the Batsignal, Commissioner! Another GOTP member slams the President! Work hard guys and maybe you can hold him to two terms. You don’t work on anything else, so this should be east. September 11, 2013 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm | Anonymous Well, tell you what Bob.
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Ted Cruz: Obama’s objective in Syria ‘fundamentally wrong’

In their place, he picked up a chunk of Seattle and a group of voters that generally have a more anti-war bent. Smiths district has become so much more liberal that he likely wont see another viable challenge from a Republican but he could see one from another Democrat. Constituents in Smiths district have been expressing wariness about the Syria plan. He said that caution isnt just about Iraq and Afghanistan but concern that the United States is too often taking up the task of enforcing international norms even without the support of entities like the United Nations, NATO and the Arab League. At a coffee shop in central Seattle, just a few blocks from where Obamas campaign had its state headquarters last year, residents who identify as Democrats and Obama supporters expressed qualms about any military action in Syria. Some were weary of war.
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Obama, critics mark Benghazi anniversary

The first step is to issue rules for new plants, a proposal set to be released next week. The more contentious rules would govern emissions from existing plants, and those arent scheduled to be issued until next year. The rules will be the first of their kind. The Obama administration has been waging a war on coal and Kentucky jobs ever since the president was elected, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell , a Kentucky Republican, said yesterday in an e-mail. If these reports are accurate, his latest proposal is not only an open war on coal jobs, but on all the residents, jobs, and businesses across the commonwealth that rely on this vital industry. Limited Impact The practical impact of the rule is likely to be limited. In 2012, the EPA forecast that no utilities would build traditional coal plants over the next eight years.
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Coal Industry Cries Foul Over Obama Emission Rules

Instead, Cruz gave several Obama student loan forgiveness program examples of ways the crisis in Syria should be resolved, including forcing a vote from the United Nations Security Council on the issue and making sure Iran is not supplying the Assad regime with chemical weapons. Cruz also said the Obama Administration should not be naive in believing that Russia and China will immediately work in collaboration with the U.S. We shouldntexpect that Russia and China will do anything other than act in their own national interest, Cruz said. Cruz compared Obamas leadership style to that of Ronald Reagans during the Cold War, citing the trust, but verify, relationship Reagan had with the Soviet Union. Thats the sort of leadership we need, he said. The sort of leadership is precisely the opposite of what were seeing right now. Noting he is a big believer in peace through strength, Cruz said the U.S.
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Sen. Corker slams Obama on credibility

facility in Benghazi, Libya. During a 9/11 memorial ceremony at the Pentagon, Obama said: “We pray for all those who have stepped forward in those years of war — diplomats who serve in dangerous posts, as we saw this day last year in Benghazi, intelligence professionals, often unseen and unheralded who protect us in every way — our men and women in uniform who defend this country that we love.” Congressional Republicans continue to criticize the Obama administration for its handling of Benghazi, and say officials are covering up exactly what happened there. “President Obama promised the American people we would track down those responsible and bring them to justice,” said a statement from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “One year after the attack, no one has been held accountable.” Graham added: “Questions about what happened in Benghazi remain unanswered and the American people deserve answers.” The White House also cited the dual anniversaries in a statement about security preparations for 9/11: “September 11th has been a day of remembrance for 12 years for Americans and others around the world.
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Emerging Etf Caps Longest Rally Since 2007 On China Trade

QQQ has been outperforming the S&P 500 for nearly two months but now the Nasdaq-100 ETF is starting to lag the market in what could be an important emerging trend. This mornings down open on the Nasdaq-100 has printed an island reversal on the chart, far from bullish bearing in mind that the index made a new decade high yesterday. This area has been leading strongly on a relative basis since late July but this fresh weakness raises a red flag, said Investors Intelligence technical analyst Tarquin Coe. The Powershares QQQ ETF also shows a bearish momentum divergence with yesterdays high and todays slide. With the relative uptrend off the July low now broken, the weakness is not going to be short-lived, he wrote in a newsletter Wednesday. QQQ was in the red Wednesday while the Dow and S&P 500 both traded higher.
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energy boom, using midsized oil and gas pipeline operators as investment vehicles. Just last month, Global X Fundwith more than $2 billion of assets under managementlaunched the MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETF, a $16 million fund that has 35 different holdings in its portfolio. WisdomTree: ‘Future of asset management lies in the ETF industry’ Investors have put more than $100 billion into ETFs already this year, with nearly $9 billion going into one particular fundWisdomTree Japan. Jonathan Steinberg, of WisdonTree, provides an inside look into the ETF business.
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Short Selling ETF Sends Up Red Flags on 3D Printing Leader

Benchmark measures in Poland and the Czech Republic added at least 0.5 percent, while Hungarian shares retreated for a fourth day. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 3.4 percent, the biggest gain since Dec. 14. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (600000) jumped 10 percent as investors speculated lenders will resource be allowed to issue preferred shares to boost capital. Malaysias ringgit climbed 1.1 percent after Chinas trade data brightened the outlook for the exports. Thailands SET Index surged 3.6 percent, while the Jakarta Composite Index rallied 2.9 percent.
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One more standout issue was that operating cash flow was $2 million in the latest quarter, down 63% year-over-year. To make matters worse, the grading for 3D Systems is actually the worst of the 1,002 companies currently in the group’s stock database of short-sell evaluations. Another point we would make is that the consensus analyst price target from Thomson Reuters is up at $55.00 per share. The bad news is that it could have some serious pain if any downward momentum can get going.
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Australia Stocks Edge Toward 5-year High, Defy Slowing Economy

It has now risen 13% this year versus 14% for the world index and 18% for the U.S. gauge. “Domestically, we’ve had some clearing up of the political problems we had in a minority government,” said Michael McCarthy, chief markets strategist at CMC Markets in Sydney. “We’ve seen the election of the coalition, and that’s certainly seen as a positive for the business community.” Adding to the glow, Chinese trade and industrial production data this week signaled that its economy is stabilizing. Chinese growth was a lackluster 7.5% in the second quarter compared with 7.7% in the first and 7.9% in the final three months of 2012.
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Tech stocks: Apple closes below $500

Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa will replace them in the benchmark 30-stock average. Despite the move and continued struggles in a weakening PC market, HP shares have performed solidly over the past year. The stock price has doubled in value since hitting a 52-week low of $11.71. Activision up. In November, both Sony and Microsoft launch their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles, both of which are expected to fuel sales of retail video games.
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Dangers of Shorting Stocks on Display This Year

On that basis, US Air is the cheapest — probably due to lingering concerns about what will happen to the stock if it has to abandon the American deal. The average for the group is 10. That’s one key reason why Corridore said US Air is his top pick in the group. But it’s also the cheapest when you look at EV/EBITDAR. It trades for less than 3 times estimates for this year.
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European stocks extend rally on Syria vote delay

would attack Syria appeared to fade, sending the Dow Jones industrial average to its fifth day of gains in the last six. Stocks set new highs in early August, but worries over Syria have pushed them lower since then. And even though Syria isn’t a big oil producer, the possibility of a wider conflict in the region drove oil prices to two-year highs last week. On Tuesday, Syria accepted a proposal to put its chemical weapons under international control for dismantling.
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Prepare for takeoff! Airline stocks are hot

While they don’t garner the notability of high-flying growth stocks, they’re also less likely to crash and burn. And over the long term, the compounding effect of the quarterly payouts, as well as their growth, adds up faster than most investors imagine. With this in mind, our analysts sat down to identify the absolute best of the best when it comes to rock-solid dividend stocks , drawing up a list in this free report of nine that fit the bill. To discover the identities of these companies before the rest of the market catches on, you can download this valuable free report by simply clicking here now . Fool contributor Travis Hoium manages an account that owns shares of Apple and Microsoft and is personallyshort shares of Amazon.com. The Motley Fool recommends Amazon.com, Apple, Ford, redirected Google, Netflix, and Tesla Motors and owns shares of Amazon.com, Apple, Ford, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Tesla Motors.
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Stocks rise as Syria fears recede

More broadly, investors in Europe continued to monitor developments in the Syria conflict, where the risk of a military intervention has receded. U.S. President Barack Obama late Tuesday asked Congress to delay a vote on whether to authorize a strike in Syria after Russia suggested Bashar al-Assads government give up its chemical weapons to the international community to avert an attack. Obama has tried to build support in Congress and internationally to launch an intervention in Syria, after government forces there allegedly used chemical weapons against civilians. U.S.
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